When life gives you lemons, put them on a dress!

I am always on the hunt for cute trends in bright colors, so I have been absolutely loving all the clothes I have seen this summer with fruit prints! Yellow isn’t typically my go to clothing color, but when I saw this dress on sale at H&M it was impossible to pass up. The cut and fit were too perfect. Unfortunately, since it was a final sale in store, I could not find the exact dress online. However, here is a very similar one in a similar price range. 

I paired the dress with a green Forever 21 collar necklace (similar coloring, different material) that I have had since high school! The bright green doesn’t go with much that I own, but these two were a perfect pairing!

The final touch was my Everly Oak Quinn straw doctors bag which is current on sale! It’s been my favorite bag ever since it landed on my doorstep. The number of things I can fit in here, I feel like I’m carrying around a piece of timelord technology or like I’m Mary Poppins. If you see me with this bag, I’m likely carrying at least one book.

What is your favorite part of this look? 


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