Coco Cocktails & Press: Low Cal Drink Options

*21 and over information*

During our movie night last night, my friend and I decided to replace our usual wine with the seltzer based drinks I have been seeing online. We picked up a pack of Press and a pack of Coco Cocktails and gave both a try. However, I have to say that the Coco Cocktails were a favorite for both of us. 

Coco Cocktails uses coconut water rather than seltzer water and has right under 6% ABV. The dangerous thing about these though, is they do not taste at all like you are drinking alcohol. Ours were lemon flavored, so we tasted that and then we really tasted the coconut. I’m not usually a fan of things containing coconut milk, so I was surprised how much I liked these since they had a coconut water base. They were very smooth. They are sold in a four pack and here in Bloomington it was right around $10. These are marked on the cab as both gluten free and certified paleo friendly.

Press was also very good, however they were two completely different types of drink. This was unexpected since we were trying to buy the same thing but different brands. These were pomegranate flavored, and they tasted exactly like Izze sparkling beverages. They also did not taste anything like alcohol, although they had right around the same ABV. If your preference is carbonated drinks, you will love these. They are also sold in a four pack and cost us about $7. 

After talking about it, we realized these work out much better for just the two of us than wine. Since these are individual cans they are easier to store, and the cost ends up being about the same. Particularly for the days when we choose to not buy the best wine.

I intend to look for some other brands in the area as well. I know I have seen Spike Seltzer online. However do you have any suggestions?


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