The Easiest DIY for Jewelry Lovers

I have a confession to make. Two actually.

1. I am probably the most disorganized perfectionist you will ever meet (or read I guess)

2. I usually fail at any and ever DIY project because I am bad at following instructions because I sometimes like to pretend I know what I’m doing, even if I am clueless.

So when I say this is easy to make, and an organizational lifesaver, I absolutely mean it. My entire life, I cannot even tell you how many earrings I have lost or broke because I didn’t have an organizing system in place. Back last fall, I remember looking on Amazon and Etsy for the nice hanging jewelry boxes that had places to hang earrings, but all of them were like $88 dollars or more and I could not justify spending that. 

My mom is a DIY master (mom if you’re reading this, Hi! You should teach people your amazing skills). She has always known how to make something out of nothing, even before Pinterest, and her favorite things to use always seems to be contact paper or shelf liner. 

Which is shockingly all this is, just Shelf liner attached to an old picture frame. All you have to do is glue it on, whatever color you want to whatever frame color you want. It doesn’t have to be super loose or tight. The holes are the perfect size for earrings, and the material is strong enough to hold up statement earrings.

One piece I would recommend that I unfortunately don’t have on mine is some sort of stand to make it free standing. Mine just leans against my wall right now. 

If you decide to make one and are trying to figure out where to fine an inexpensive large frame, I highly recommend checking out Goodwill or a Salvation Army. 

Happy creating! 


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