5 Best Pieces from the Chloe + Isabel Pre-Fall Capsule Collection

On Tuesday, the Chloe + Isabel pre-fall collection was officially launched. As someone whose primary closet color (besides pink) is all shades of blue and white, I am absolutely obsessed. The Riverstone collection is absolutely to die for featuring many stunning semi-precious stones, and the Waterfall collection has several interesting pieces if you prefer to stick with solid jewelry and no colored stones (personally not my favorite style typically). The theme around these new collections is water, particularly Victoria Falls. There also were some adorable additions to the Petite Bijoux collection. After looking at everything, here are what I think are the 5 best news pieces that I am adding to my jewelry collection.

1. Riverstone Open Hoop Earrings

These are my absolutely favorite that I ordered almost instantly and likely will wear all the time. I love the open hoop silhouette, and it’s not something I have seen many other places. The mother-of-pearl inlay adds a fancier look, and the light blue resin is pale enough to match many different colors.

2. Riverstone Statement Collar Necklace

While having more of a color variety than the earrings, I love the look of this. I think the chain fringe adds a bit of extra dimension and sparkle that will help to show it off more even in just normal daily motion. Definitely my top pick behind the earrings, and the two of them go perfectly together!

3. Riverstone Link Bracelet

While I think this is absolutely gorgeous, bracelets tend to be my least favorite choice of jewelry. However, I can make an exception for something as pretty as this! The semi-precious stones are the same as those used in the rest of the collection, and it has a nice and easy fold over closure. 

4. Waterfall Convertible Lariat Necklace

This is the one piece from the Waterfall collection that makes my top 5. I am in love with every single one of our convertible pieces, because I get so many more looks for the same amount of money. Lariat necklaces are always great to add a bit of edge into your look.

5. Riverstone Stud Trio Earrings

I like to wear studs only when they are attention grabbing, and these absolutely fit that description. All three are sold together and showcase a look from a different piece within the collection. They are a great way to diversity without breaking the bank!

So what do you look for in your ideal piece of jewelry? What piece from the collection is your favorite?

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