Coola Makeup Setting Spray

I received this makeup setting spray back in my June Birchbox. The first time I put it on, it stung a little bit. But it caused no pain beyond that instant, which may have been because I just washed my face and the product contains alcohol. I thought it was cool, and it was nice to not have my makeup smear. Actually, it was amazing to go an entire day without my makeup running down my face from sweat or overheating. However, I still remained somewhat indifferent to it in my head, although I used it most days.

Then I went and spent a whole day outside with my family. I was the only one wearing this spray, which is how I finally discovered the SPF 30 actually works. With no other sunscreen, I was the only member of my family that did not come away from the day with a sunburnt face. 

After this weekend, I am absolutely thrilled with the spray and it will likely be the first time that I know for sure I will buy a full-sized product I have gotten in a birchbox. I have not used anything like it before, and it is fantastic.


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