No Bull About Bull


If you’re of fan of Lie to Me, debatably Scandal, or any other  law or psychology based show, allow me to introduce you to your newest television obsession. Thanks to law school and the joys of 2L year, I did not get to catch this when it first aired on CBS this past fall, but one of my classmates introduced me to it, and I am absolutely hooked.

The show follows Doctor Jason Bull and his team at Trial Analysis Corporation (TAC). The simplest way to describe what they do, and how it was described to me, is “jury hacking.” But it is so much more than that. TAC takes on difficult cases (similar to House but in law) and then runs through the entire jury trial from a psychological perspective. Jurors are selected in voir dire based on different aspects of personality that are most likely to effect how the juror would see TAC’s client. However, the questions are subtle so opposing counsel will not necessarily catch what is being screened. For example, in one of the first episodes, jurors are asked the question “How do you catch a cold?” to determine whether jurors believed that things just happen to them in life, or that they are largely in control of their life events. After the selection, TAC runs an entire mock trial with a mirror jury and everything. All arguments and witness examinations are written with the individual juror profiles in mind. The entire process is completely fascinating and Bull’s team is great and entertaining.

One aspect of the show that not only made me more interested, but also surprised me, is that the show is inspired by Dr. Phil and the beginning of his career. Previously, I was not aware that Dr. Phil had actually been a trial consultant. Although he stated that the show is not autobiographical, he did state it is inspired by his career and that Michael Weatherly is essentially playing him.

I still have a few episodes left to go in the first season, but I am definitely looking forward to catching up and catching season 2 when it airs this fall!

Have you gotten to catch this show? What do you think?


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