Schwarzkopf Color Ultîme: A Review

When I was asked to try this, I’m not going to lie I was a tiny bit nervous. Hair color is not something I mess around with much. I usually stick to my normal brands or get it professionally done because I’m so worried about destroying my hair, having it all fall out, or some other hair disaster. So even though I agreed to try this, it took a little longer than I had intended so that I could work up the nerve. However, I was very impressed.

I only went a few shades darker and a lot less red than my color was before, but the contrast was very clear when I was done. The color was perfect and the diamond shine serum made it look healthier than it looked  before. It also is the only hair color I have used that did not cause my scalp to feel like it was burning at all. Which is impressive, because my scalp is very sensitive. 

My one problem I have with it is the difficultly of getting it off skin. I am a very messy hair colorist, so when I finished I had dye all over my hands, arms, and shoulders. I’m pretty sure I somehow even got some on my leg! I have think I still have little bits showing on my skin. However, as far as complaints go, I think that is the easiest to remedy. Not only is it easy to remedy, but it’s worth it for how my hair looks now.

I was very surprised to Google the brand and see that it is sold by regular drugstores and places like Walmart. It’s a shockingly great deal and it is the color brand I will be using on my hair from now on.


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